Sunday, 6 July 2014

A thing of beauty is a joy forever...

Getting started creating your own works of art...

There is no greater joy that creating something completely unique. My intention with this blog is to provide inspiration to anyone who wants to make their own individual creations. I will be posting regular video and picture projects to help you along your way.

You do not need a lot of tools or expensive equipment to get started - in fact, all you really need are a pair of round nose pliers and some wire cutters. 

In terms of materials, you just need wire, beads and findings (earring hooks and clasps). Many of the projects you will see on this blog do not require many materials at all and can be made inexpensively. 

Project one - Simple Earrings 

This first project is incredibly simple.  Once you have the basics, you can make an array of beautiful earrings to suit any occasion or outfit.  So let's get started! 

For this project you need are two 24 gauge head ions, two earring hooks and some beads (I used six 8mm beads and four crystal spacers).

The instructions are contained in the video below:

Enjoy and stay tuned for more projects! 

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