Saturday, 12 July 2014

Taking inspiration from origami

I love making origami - folding paper to create something beautiful is gratifying and relaxing.  I am by no means an expert at it but having beautiful paper certainly helps my projects.

The question is, how do you show off your origami after it has been created? I've started using origami in my jewelry designs to show off my mini paper creations. The paper itself is worthy of display.

The above picture is an example of some earrings I made after making a couple of cranes. They are simple to make - all I did was pierce the paper, thread through some head pins and attach earring hooks.  You could easily add a chain instead of the hooks to make a necklace.

Because I am not an origami expert I have not made a video tutorial for these earrings. There are plenty of great origami projects online. I am sure you would not want to be subjected to my Aussie twang whilst I explain how to make beautiful Japanese art!

Have you tried to use origami in jewelry making? What have you made? Please feel free to share your ideas and successes (or failures) in the comments below.

Happy folding!

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