Saturday, 19 July 2014

Beaded Bunch Earrings

It is probably fairly clear why I have called these 'bunch' earrings.  They remind me most of a bunch of grapes!

They are rather simple - they involve simply attaching beads to a length of chain by headpins.  You can change the look of the earrings by varying the size of the chain, the number of beads used and the length. If you want your earrings to look more full, you may wish to add more beads.  If you want a more 'sparse' look, then add less.  You can see I have also included a variation to the design for the earrings on the right hand side of the above picture. For that design, I have simply used a shorted length of chain and added a focal bead to the end of it.

You can use whatever style of beads you want.  I used a collection of 40 (20 per earring) beads ranging between 2mm and 6mm in size.  I went for a collection of various pearl and black beads.  You may want to use beads of the same kind or colour or go for a more eclectic look.  I arranged my beads fairly randomly, but you want to vary the style by placing larger beads at the bottom of the chain and increasing in size towards the top.

If you make the project, I would love to see photos of what you have created!  You can email me or comment on the post.

For this project I used:

  1. 40 beads ranging between 2mm and 6mm;
  2. 40 headpins (I used 28 gauge headpins for the smaller beads and 24 gauge headpins for the larger beads); 
  3. about 10 cm of chain (preferably with soldered links) and 
  4. two earring hooks. 
The link to the video tutorial is below - Happy beading!

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