Saturday, 12 July 2014

Create some chaos earrings!

We all need a little bit of chaos at times.  These earring are not about precision or neatness.  They are about unleashing creativity and running wild.

All you will need is:

  1. 10 (3.15 inches) of 20 gauge wire;
  2. 50 cm (19 inches) of 28 gauge wire;
  3. 2 earring hooks; and
  4. 18 small beads (optional).
In terms of tools you only need pliers and wire cutters. You do not need any fancy tool to create the base shape. If you want to make a circle shape like I did, just use something round you have at home - I used a vacuum cleaner attachment! 

You can use the project to make whatever style you want. You may want to use less or more beads, less or more wire or a completely different base shape. I use autumn red/yellow colours with gold wire but the choices are endless! 

Go ahead and create some chaos!

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